Peggy Walker Illustration


I have always admired the drawing and acting skills of the Disney animators. Marc Davis, a Disney sketch and character design artist who worked on Bambi said

"Drawing is giving a performance; an artist is an actor who is not limited by his body, only by his ability and perhaps, experience."

Though not an animator, my strength lies in acting out the emotion of the character that I'm drawing as well as body position, age and demeanor. I sometimes use reference, but basically rely on my brain's library. Everything that I draw comes from what I've seen and experienced with children and all ages. I search for the character on the paper. His shoulders, body , legs and arm movements are all part of his expression. My characters are very real to me and my aspiration, just as the Disney artists, is to make the viewers forget that they are drawings.

Clients include:

Young and Rubicam.Inc

Bob the Builder
My Twinn
Care Bears

Berenter, Greernhouse and Webster


Parents Magazine

SpinMaster Limited
Bella Dancerella
Dora's Dace Along Musical Adventure)


Griffin Bacall
Hasbro Girls
Milton Bradley
StrideRite for Kids
Discovery Zone)